To the editor,

Thank you Mr. Grell for responding to my letter about the theft of the political sign in my yard. I am long over the theft of my sign but since your response justified the theft, I needed to reply. 

I agree that we have more important things to worry about, but that was the point of my letter. Stealing the sign from my yard showed the desperation of the thief. He/she felt their opposing candidate was so weak that they could not bear to see an opposing candidate’s sign. It’s interesting that later in your letter you enlightened me on why someone would take this trivial act and steal my sign. Since your letter was a paid letter, you spent about $40.00 to give me justifications for the trivial act of stealing my sign. Your list of justifications was interesting. It had few hard facts, a number of “alleged” items and finished with the usual Fox News dis-information or incomplete information. You mentioned the destruction following the George Floyd murder. While I support peaceful demonstrations, I DO NOT support that destruction. Your letter’s last line suggested that I “Get Over It”.  If you are asking me to “Get Over” the theft of my political sign, I have moved on. On the other hand, if you are asking me to “Get Over” the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson and many others at the hands of police, thanks for the invitation, but I’ll pass.

Jeff Benny


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