To the editor,

The new Cambridge Library is very nice inside. The employees are so friendly and helpful. 

There is a problem: handicapped parking; rather the lack of it in the right place. On the west end there is a lot of grass, and a long sidewalk from the parking lot on Fern Street. The  handicapped  who can walk all that way into the library are probably exhausted when they get inside. At the other end of the library, on Dellwood Street, there is no handicapped parking. This is closer to the building, although still too far for some to walk. One solution would be to have some scooters available inside for people with difficulty walking. At least some wheelchairs. We have a scooter at home, but can’t get it in and out of the car. It would be nice if ALL the people who are paying for this library could access it.  

Kathryn Wilson


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