To the editor,

I must apologize to Rollie Lange for missing the point in his letter of April 16 when I responded on April 23. I thought calling Governor Walz a communist by referring to him as Comrade Walz and attacking the patriotism of anyone agreeing with him was the lead. Again, the governor is proceeding according to science. We have to be sure that we follow real science as we ease restrictions and open up our economy.

I missed that vote-by-mail was the main point of Mr. Lange’s letter. Five states already have 100% vote-by-mail laws. 21 other states, including Minnesota, have vote-by-mail under certain conditions. The president voted by mail in 2018, why shouldn’t Minnesota? Is the resistance to vote-by-mail best summed up by the president’s own statements? On March 29 in talking about the Democratic push for vote-by-mail he said “…They had things, levels of voting that if you’d ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.” So in the presidents’ own words we have to restrict voting or Republicans lose.

In Mr. Lange’s response he suggested that we could infect a Vikings stadium of 60,000 and only one person would die. He fails to look at who those 60,000 would later infect. Currently there have been 7,234 infections and 427 deaths. This is a death rate of 6%. The majority of these deaths may be in vulnerable populations but must we sacrifice their lives so Mr. Lange can go to his job?  

Jeff Benny


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