To the editor,

After several years of seeing little accomplished in the Minnesota legislature, we are poised to make some positive moves. I’ve followed our current Senate and House officeholders for too many years and with great dismay. Personal contacts yielded nothing but idealogical babble. Both Rep. Barrett and Sen. Nienow’s “accomplishments” were the equivalent of installing a new stoplight. They have said no to almost everything except social agenda items that fit their, or their party’s, worldview. They even killed the biennial bonding bill that would have created a great deal of jobs, services and infrastructure improvements at no cost to taxpayers!  

But do not despair. Candidates Laurie Warner, House 32B, and Tim Nelson, Senate 32, are truly outstanding individuals who are taking their future roles very seriously. Both are extremely qualified, endorsed by many of your friends and neighbors who work as nurses, teachers, craftspeople, and they are both very positive individuals.  

I guarantee that you will find each of these candidates worthy of a conversation or simply take a look at their profiles online.

Mr. Nelson is the Assistant Isanti County Attorney where he spends a fair amount of his workload helping those in trouble, be they victims of crime or those that need to provide restitution for wrongdoings. He is committed to leaving the world a better place for his young family and ours with ideas generated by you, the constituency, not a directive from a party.

Laurie is a tremendous volunteer, as well as local employee, who exemplifies the power of our citizenry to do good. Intelligent and insightful, she will be a great leader in the House.

Both candidates have demonstrated an ability to be extremely good listeners and may have listened to you at your front door recently. Please consider not only voting for these fine individuals, but working for them. They’re already working for you. I’m excited for this “new day” in Minnesota District 32.

Dann Adair

North Branch

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