To the editor,

Jeff Benny tries to paint a very pretty picture with ObamaCare. In 2016, the non-partisan office estimates this program will cost $1.34 trillion in a decade, an increase of $136 billion from the CBO’s predictions in 2015. ObamaCare in 2016 cost taxpayers $110 billion and according to inspector general in 2014 had reached $1.7 billion to set up. 

Jeff  is correct $55 billion that’s PROJECTED from the Affordable Care Act for 2019 for subsidies, I did place the national debt for health care in which was incorrect. I stand corrected. This $55 billion does not include medical for illegal immigrants as well as MA programs. I travel throughout Minnesota to many corporations through this state  and hear exactly the same statements I portrayed in my letter, the subsidies companies pay out for employee’s heath care as Benny stated has escalated and this is being passed along to the employees. 

Let me give you an couple examples, young lady in Princeton working at a manufacturing company I call on - family of five - her rates before ObamaCare was $465.00 per month. She was devastated to find out that her insurance premium now would be $1346.00 per month. She told me this was more than their mortgage and could not afford this and was facing a penalty as well. 

Local independent insurance business man in Cambridge, his cost per month exceeds $1000.00 as well as a $8000.00 deductible.

Personally, I cannot use the eye clinic I used for several years and am now forced to use another eye clinic. Added debt to us working individuals that actually pay taxes could reach $1.76 trillion from Affordable Care Act. 

Jeff tries to blame this on the Republicans, not one republican voted for the Affordable Care Act and it was pushed through so fast even the Democrats did not have time to read each page of this bill. In my conversations with the democratic parties they will even confess the cost have escalated, Klobuchar’s team being the most honest about this issue. 

Locally, Gov. Waltz wanted to add  20 cent gas tax as well as a 7% state income tax added to your income tax. Dayton raised four different taxes, most noticeable was the service tax. Is this the direction middle class wants to proceed with? License plate renewal was projected to cost $24 million, it is now up to $60 million, this was under Dayton. 

Lastly, it would not matter if Trump did everything the Democrats wanted it still wouldn’t be good enough.

Jerry Grell


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