To the editor,

In response to Rollie Lange’s letter to the editor in the April 30 edition of the Star, how was a person to know what your main point was when it began with thoughts on the COVID -19 situation in Minnesota?  That is the here and now situation affecting all of us. 

Agreeing with the Governor seems to be a sticking point with you. The Governor has based a lot of his decisions on what has happened in other states as it most likely will occur here and he wants to slow it down, if possible.  It’s pretty clear you can’t see that what has been going on all over the country and is now happening in Minnesota at a faster speed. Your math doesn’t seem quite accurate as any one of those 100,000 people in a room could be carriers of the virus and in that turn infect the people that they come in contact with and within a couple of weeks we could have a few more thousand who come down with the virus.  

Saying that people under 60 have a zero chance of getting the virus and dying from it is ludicrous. Maybe they have a better chance for recovery, but they still can die from it just like those over 60.  

You think Amy Klobuchar’s support of mail-in voting is going to eliminate your choice to go to the poll booth and vote? Is that your point? I myself prefer to go to the poll booth and vote, but mail in voting would be another option for those who are unable to do so.  Whether it changes the Constitution or not is another question – an addition might be a better word for it.

Cathy Nelson


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