To the editor,

Shame on you, to whoever stole the Biden-Harris sign from my yard!

I am a registered nurse and since mid March I have been assigned to work on a hospital Covid-19 unit. I have diligently gone to work every day, risking my health and the health of my family, to treat each and every member of our community with respect and care regardless of political affiliation. Is it too much to ask for similar respect? I’m sorry if my Biden sign offended you but our current leader offends me. 

I cannot support a candidate who deliberately downplays the pandemic and refuses to acknowledge the dangers of this virus, which is now the third leading cause of death in America, only lagging behind heart disease and cancer. From March 26 to today, there have only been two days with zero deaths from Covid-19 in Minnesota.  I think we as a nation have become numb to the numbers we see flashed across the news every day but those numbers have names and some of those numbers were people I cared for.

It is not a coincidence that America is lagging so far behind other countries in controlling this pandemic. While other leaders have taken unpopular measures to lock down their countries, we have a leader who has chosen instead to politicize this virus, leaving state leaders responsible for placing restrictions in the name of public health and then criticizing them for doing so and repeatedly blaming others on his ineptitud - the Democrats, China, just fill in the blank. We need to do better and I think we can. 

Alison Hiland


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