To the editor,

The other evening while walking in our neighborhood, a car drove by and a person leaned out the window shouting “Biden lover” at me. It was startling to hear. I did not recognize the individual. I do not know if he knew me. However, I am a lifelong Democrat.  

I believe in a progressive tax system that puts a larger burden on those that have been successful and helps those that have not. I am concerned for those who struggle financially or with health problems.  

I believe that government is essential to a civilized society. Government must be of the appropriate size, responsive to current and future needs, and adequately funded.  

I believe in equal justice for all. I believe that individuals should be able to worship as they wish, but I also believe in the separation of church and government. 

I believe that we must be active on global issues and we can best do that in partnership with other democratic (open elections and free speech) nations. Our nation greatly benefits by being a strong global partner.

My beliefs are varied and complicated, and it was sad to be dismissed as a Biden lover. My beliefs aren’t slammed doors, but a way to guide my decision making. I am concerned with the ease some have to name call, stereotype, and or just stay with locked-in positions. I so hope we can move on and thoughtfully start to resolve a few of the challenges that face our nation. 

John Nordin


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