To the editor,

Rick Olseen is very quick to pass judgment on Pete Stauber, however look at Rick Nolan’s handling of sex harassment claims. Jim Swiderski was allowed to leave his job rather than be fired after women came forward stating the legislative director groped her often. He should have been fired however, months after he exited Nolan’s 2016 re-election campaign,  Swiderski was hired back to work on the campaign for Nolan. 

Mining was another issue with several regulations strapped to them, end results were they could not be competitive with international mining companies. I personally will be watching oil prices, stock markets and inflation with the new administration in place. 

President Biden signing 35 executive orders and the ones that could be very destructive would be the border opening, Keystone pipeline permits not being renewed, as well as the $15 per hour minimum wage increase which will cost jobs and inflation will rise. Small businesses cannot afford this increase however, the consumer will suffer because wage increases will be passed to any/all goods they produce. 

I would urge Rick Olseen, whom I have had several conversations with and many of those went on deaf ears when he was Rick Nolan’s right hand man, to be very careful to not pass judgement when his own party has a laundry list of issues. I would certainly like to know Mr. Olseen’s comments surrounding Gov Cuomo, just one example. 

Lastly, I am so confused why our left side cannot discuss last summers riots/destruction of several businesses, churches, government building and police precinct and peoples personal vehicles - a record setting $2 billion plus in damage? Then Rick goes on to state party politics? Maybe take a look at the democrats party politics one sided coin. 

Jerry Grell


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