To the editor,

President Trump set a legacy that no other President - Republican or Democrat could even come close, he did what he said and it was successful. Lets take a look:

Did not take a salary and generously used it for military gravesite upgrades.

Lowest unemployment rates for Blacks/Hispanics, second lowest for women lowest overall unemployment rate in 50 years. By January 2020 had an annual impact for families of plus $5000. The 25th lowest paid Americans enjoyed a 4.5% income boost by 2018  which outpaced a 2.9% gain in earnings for the highest paid workers.

Companies brought back more than a trillion dollars from overseas thanks to the TCJA bill.

Some people think the keystone pipeline will not serve the US, but under Trump the US surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the worlds largest producer and exporter of crud oil. No other president comes close. Under Biden’s watch oil has gone  from $2.29 to $2.89 per gallon. Obama/Bush hit an all time high in excess of $5 per gallon.

Trump took significant steps to fix the disastrous VA system. Weeks/ months before getting an appointment Trumps team held them accountable, removing/demoting 4000 VA employees that were not caring for our vets. In return the VA clinics have dramatically improved.

Trump signed the largest wilderness protection & conservation bill in a decade.

Trump facilitated Middle East peace agreements once thought to be impossible. Biden/Obama cash 400 million to Iran as well as 1.3 billion of interest to the most dangerous country in the world.

Drug imports from Canada, which lowered our drug cost. Under Obamacare prescription prices increased an average of 3.6% each year. CBO states after 10 years Obamacare will have cost the taxpayers $1.76 trillion. Under Biden’s watch Diabetes insulin rose 330%

DOW Jones closed at record rates 131 time - again no other president comes close.

Largest tax cuts in American history that promoted investments in low income communities across the country 8,764 to be exact. This brought 75 billion in long term capital investments for distressed communities. Some say this went to the richest people in the country, Gee Wiz folks the top 25% of income earners pay north of 80% of federal taxes. A family of three making 65-80K per year after tax returns will pay about 3% in taxes.

This is just a small portion of Trumps 4 year endeavor. Thank you to him for keeping America First and supporting law and order.  

Jerry Grell


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