To the editor,

I was disappointed, but not completely surprised by Pete Stauber’s no votes on the Trump impeachment. He has been a staunch Trump political ally. 

Prior to the full House vote on impeachment,  I communicated with his office asking for an explanation and justification for his intended votes. Didn’t expect a personalized response, but I do receive the congressman’s weekly email of his work for District 8 and his position on the impeachment hadn’t been communicated via that outlet.

I felt Stauber’s career in law enforcement would help him separate fact from “alternative fact,” truth from deceit, and honesty from corruption. However, his vote made clear to me his sense of right and wrong was compromised by his party allegiance and close personal-political relationship with Trump. 

Having read the Mueller Report, but for the footnotes, the “Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report” including the Preface, Executive Summary and Key Findings of Fact, I felt impeachment was more than justified. I also read the conversation between Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky and watched hours of the House Intelligence and Judiciary hearings, which ultimately led to the Impeachment Resolutions. 

Where I found substance of guilt, Stauber did not, and he voted against impeachment. I believe he failed this test of personal conscience. His sense of right and wrong and police investigatory skills should have given him clarity. A minor league “profile in courage” moment would have held the president accountable, for no one is above the law.

In preparing to write this letter, I found a Stauber press release dated Oct. 31,2019, following the House vote to initiate a formal Trump impeachment inquiry. Voting no, he complained those hearing procedures were unfair, and he defined them as “Soviet-style.”

I find it ironic that testimony later given in the Intelligence Committee Hearing by ambassador to the Ukraine Yovanovitch exposed the president’s belief the Ukrainians influenced the 2016 election as a Russian misinformation campaign. Her testimony was the Russians were continuing their effort to subvert our free and fair elections in a truly “Soviet-style.”

Stauber has refused to call out this administration and the Russians by his no vote on impeachment. I believe, in his heart and mind, he truly knows better.

Pete Boelter

North Branch

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