To the editor,

For the past five years, President Trump pushed the conspiracy theory our democratic American elections were fraudulent. This gaslighting campaign culminated in the insurrection his supporters brought upon the Nation’s Capitol Building. Trump has been impeached and is being held accountable. 

Rep.Pete Stauber could have voted for that impeachment, but did not. Stauber enabled Trump and did little to stand up for democracy and our free election. He partnered in spreading the election fraud conspiracy. Trump is responsible for inciting the riot on Jan.6 at the Capitol and Stauber shares responsibility by his complicit support of Trump and willingness to propagate the big lie. 

During his most recent phone town hall meeting, a woman praised Stauber for his signing on to the Texas v. PA., GA., MI. and WI case challenging their election results as fraudulent. She said though she had voted for Stauber twice previously she didn’t think she would vote again due to the fraudulent nature of our elections. Stauber’s response was to justify his decision to support the case on constitutional grounds. 

He missed the opportunity to thank her for her vote and to encourage her to vote in the future, he failed when given an opportunity to dispel the big lie and endorse the free and democratic American election system, which incidentally is how he was elected. Both Trump and Stauber deserve to be held accountable for the damage they caused our democracy, “our way of life.” Trump was voted out of office and impeached. He may yet be held to account by the Senate or by the courts as a private citizen. As for Stauber, voters will have an opportunity in 2022 to weigh in on his complicity; just as I have today.  

Pete Boelter

North Branch

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