To the editor,

On behalf of Chisago County Veteran’s Service staff, and especially its drivers, I would like to thank the North Branch Power and Light company for allowing us to store our veteran’s transport van in one of its storage buildings. Prior to that, the van was exposed to the elements, and on those dark mornings, we had to prepare for the day’s work in all kinds of weather. More than the seven years that I’ve been driving, the water and light company has let us use multiple different locations to store the van indoors. I can’t say thanks enough! Sadly, due to the increase in their business and the necessary growth of equipment and supplies that are needed to keep pace, we were asked recently to leave the provided space. We are eternally grateful for those years of making our job safer, and more enjoyable. Kudos to you, North Branch Power & Light, for going above and beyond your mission, and for supporting our veterans!

    Due to the locations of our veteran passengers, we best serve them by being based in the North Branch area. Unfortunately, Chisago County has no garage space available in North Branch, so we are actively searching for a new home for the van. Our hours of operation, from as early as 4 a.m., and can be as late as 8 p.m., make it difficult to find a space that works for the donor and our operation. Our hours are dictated by the veteran’s appointment times. We currently transport vets to the Minneapolis VA, and the St. Cloud VA hospitals. If you have space available, or know someone that does, please contact the Chisago County Veteran’s Service office at 651-213-5600 

Randy Koivisto

Van driver, Stacy

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