To the editor,

I am in my seventh year as a principal at Isanti Primary School and I am so proud of the role I get to provide on a day to day as the principal. I understand our delivery model is different from how we started our year,  but the heart and service our teachers and staff provide during Distance Learning has not decreased. 

Often I have asked at various times of the year at a faculty meeting to take a few moments to tell a colleague or your team to talk through why you became a teacher. Often the responses are: I knew when I was a child, I played the school teacher at home all the time, another educator inspired them to become a teacher, or I wanted to make a difference. Our teachers and staff at Isanti Primary have not only taken this challenge and delivered it, they stayed true to our values and vision as a building to ensure we are valuing and educating each child as if they are our own. 

These times are new, challenging, and the learning curve has been sharp. I know our families and community have a united relationship to continue educating our students even if they are unable to physically be in our building. I am proud of this relationship and the daily interaction our staff, teachers, and our building is having with our students and families. The next time you drive by our building on County Road 5 you will see a strong message in hearts on our windows. We Miss You.  

The heart of our educators and entire staff will stay focused on our roles and focus each day during our Distance Learning.  Educating and serving our community is what we pride ourselves on.  Thank you for your patience, support, and partnership.


Shane Dordal

Isanti Primary School Principal

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