To the editor,

Patriot definition: “a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.” 

It used to be that “patriot” was a good-natured descriptive term given to a person. Now, it’s used as a weapon. Case in point is last week’s letter by Rollie Lange. According to him, if you don’t act as I want you to, then you are not a patriot. In fact, you are a communist. He calls Governor Walz “Comrade Walz” for continuing “sheltering in place.” Each day Minnesota has more than 100 new Corona virus infections and more than 10 deaths. Shelter in place is the ONLY action that has slowed the virus. Ending “shelter in place” will increase the death rate. This is a fact.  

Ending sheltering too quickly will unnecessarily put lives at risk. Increases in infections and deaths won’t happen immediately. During the first couple weeks, infection and death rates would probably be unchanged. In the third week the new infections from first two weeks would be diagnosed. Then like a ball rolling downhill, the death rates would increase. By then it will be too late to save those unnecessarily infected because we moved too soon.  

Rather than calling Governor Walz a communist, let’s listen to his policies that are based on science, not someone’s skewed definition of patriotism. If patriotism is protecting our country from it’s enemies, then moving slowly to help limit the spread of Corona virus is the patriotic thing to do.      

Jeff Benny


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