To the editor, 

The President’s obsessive commitment to “the Wall” appears to be a symptom of his narcissism. The wall which was to be paid for by Mexico has become a personal obsession. He has accepted responsibility for a government shutdown impacting 800,000 federal employees and millions of others negatively to get his way on the wall. He is blinded by his desire for the wall, ignoring the cost of billions of dollars to our economy while ignoring the major fact that most Americans don’t favor further wall expansion. A vast majority of Americans are blaming Trump for the repercussions surrounding the shutdown.

Additionally, the President’s personal attachment to the wall project has drawn him to justify the wall with lies and misinformation about drug traffickers, rapists and murders crossing the southern border. In truthful terms, the wall isn’t so much about protecting the American people as it is about protecting his pet project. Simply stated, in regard to the wall, the President is putting self before all else. 

Pete Boelter

North Branch

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