To the editor, 

At the risk of starting another series of back-and-forth letters where nothing gets resolved and no one wins, I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Grell’s letter of April 11. 

I did as he suggested and looked at the Jeanine Piro anti-Ilhan Omar video. It is a testament to Mr. Grell’s views when he resorts to this video clip to support them. This is the same video clip that earned Piro a suspension from Fox News. Let that sink in, this video was so laced with hate that even Fox News felt compelled to suspend her. 

In my estimation, any argument that needs to use a video this hate-filled is not worth listening to. It is hate-filled rhetoric like this that led to the April 5 arrest of a man that threatened to kill Rep. Omar. We can demand better in a civilized society.

Jeffrey Benny


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