To the editor, 

We have seen the end of 2018, and a new year awaits us. Is this the year “We the People” get really serious about taking back our government? No longer is it “of the people, by the people, for the people.” We all have a stake in this, and we have to pay attention and figure things out. 

No matter if you are conservative, liberal, progressive, leaning toward socialism, or nothing at all. Those are just words signifying not much. They don’t define us as Americans.  

We need to take the time to get to know who represents us in Washington and St. Paul. You don’t have to agree with every plank in a party platform. We need to avoid emotional voting and single issue stances. 

Know where your representative stands. Email makes it so easy.  If you get a “form” letter back from some staffer, write again and ask for a specific answer to your specific question. Hold them accountable. Explain we want truth, transparency, relevance, action, commitment, and work together for country, not party.

We need to fight for our democracy. We have allowed big money to run our country. Corporations and wealthy individuals have found a loophole in the tax code – 501(c)4. It was approved by the IRS and the Supreme Court in the name of free speech so that donors can hide how much they give and who they give it to because its “none of our business.”  

I disagree, it is our business. This kind of anonymous speech is not right. This money pours in to the left and the right. Much of it is used to sow discord and hate, all under the names of patriotic sounding groups.

It is simple in this digital age to get the facts rather than rely on an opinion writer. We all need a refresher in Civics. Twenty minutes of network news sandwiched in between commercials is not enough. We need to prioritize our time to get the facts. Our democracy demands it of us.

Jackie Larson

North Branch

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