To the editor,

You published a letter from Pete Boelter in your Jan. 31 edition of this paper. It was pretty much a President Trump-bashing, CNN regurgitation regarding the “wall.” 

Mr. Boelter wants to blame the president for “making up” all the crime stats regarding illegal immigrants. He should talk to the “Angel Moms” about how it is to lose a loved one needlessly at the hands of an illegal. Nancy Pelosi would not meet with them. 

Maybe the loved ones of some of the 800 persons who died each week because of opioids in 2016 could enlighten him. That stat is per the National Safety Council. 

The problem is real, not invented. Both Richard Kerlikowski and Kevin McAleenan, the last two U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioners, have supported the need for a wall to help with border protection. 

The reasons for Democratic opposition are primarily threefold: 1. They can’t allow President Trump to have a success even if it is at the expense of U.S. citizens. (otherwise known as Democratic pawns). 2. A wall can’t just be shut off the next time an administration decides to not enforce our immigration laws like the Obama administration did. 3. Where will the new democratic voters come from without illegal immigration?

The cost of the wall is incidental in the argument. Our government wastes more than the cost of the wall each week. It costs $130 billion dollars each year to service the illegals that are already here. That is 26 times the $5 billion for the wall, and that $130 billion recurs again each year. 

Or if Mr. Boelter has an income of $50,000, could he afford a one- time cost of $80 to protect his property? 

With that information the American people can only conclude that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s resistance to the wall is for power and political purposes only. They were willing to sacrifice the American citizens for their political aim with a shutdown for as long as it takes to defeat President Trump. He, on the other hand, has more empathy for the citizens and called a halt to the “circus.” He’ll find another way.

Mr. Boelter is right that President Trump is protecting his pet project. He promised border security to the voters and plans to deliver. Something few politicians ever do – keep a campaign promise. The last five presidents have promised border security, and even the Democrats campaigned on that issue. Politicians do not want border security. Thank goodness the American voters saw the wisdom in electing a non-politician to finally enforce our laws and secure our borders.  

Richard Halbmaier


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