To the editor,

I was recently given a violation by the City of Cambridge for having my boat parked on the grass in my side yard. The violation letter says, “city codes help keep our community safe, welcoming, and attractive.” My boat is safe and looks fine.   

For anyone that lives in Cambridge, it is easy to see how many violations there are. Cars, trailers, and boats are parked on the grass in side yards and back yards all over the city. Why do selected individuals receive violations and others do not? The simple answer is that the city can’t enforce the ordinance fairly. It makes city government look weak and ineffective. It also violates our basic values of fairness. As a long time resident of Cambridge and former city council member, this is embarrassing. I took my concerns to a mediation session at City Hall. I was fined $50 for bringing these concerns. 

We can change things in Cambridge on August 11 by voting in the primary. I recommend not to vote for any incumbent council member.  Joe Morin and Lisa Iverson are good people but as incumbent politicians they perpetuate an unfair system.  

Howard Lewis


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