To the editor,

Even if you don’t have kids in Cambridge-Isanti Schools, the quality of our schools impacts everyone who lives here. Your dentist, mechanic, daycare provider or plumber might very well have been educated in C-I schools. And so will the next generation of our local workforce. 

The next time you pass a group of kids, try to pick out which one will might be your future doctor or home health aide. Which one will replace your roof or design a new Rum River bridge? Which one might someday be mayor of Cambridge or the Isanti police chief? Every local child’s future career starts with the education they receive from C-I Schools today. 

Now guess which of those kids will lose out if their career program is cut due to lack of funding. Or which child is struggling to get the attention they need, packed into a class with 32 other 3rd graders. Or whose parent will lose their school district job in the next round of budget cuts.

These are unsettling times and it’s hard to sign up to pay more in taxes. But we can’t keep asking our schools to do more with less. Instead, let’s all agree to give just a little more, so our schools can do more for today’s students and tomorrow’s community members. Please join me in voting YES for the Cambridge-Isanti Schools referendum on November 3. Let’s be a community that invests in our students and the future of all who live here.

Michelle Kopp


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