To the editor,

Rep. Brian Johnson hasn’t done the work voters sent him to St. Paul to do. In 2018, when the citizens of Cambridge voted overwhelmingly (62% in favor) for a local option sales tax to build a new library, improve streets and improve parks in the city, Johnson wouldn’t work with the City to introduce the legislation needed to enact the will of his constituents in St. Paul. In fact, he actually worked against it, openly opposing this legislation and speaking against it when the bill was voted on the House floor.

Johnson is only interested in hearing from those who agree with him. He didn’t show up for Q&A sessions or to meet with business leaders supporting the legislation in 2018. And now in 2020, he continues to be unavailable to voters. Despite invitations, he didn’t participate in the candidate forums held by the League of Women Voters in North Branch or the Chamber of Commerce in Cambridge. How can he represent us or know what issues are important to us when he’s a constant no-show? Johnson has shown us that he doesn’t work for us.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to elect someone who will work for us and will show up and listen. Renae Berg is that person. Renae is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Board Member for Serenity Manor treatment facility, and a leader in her local church. She is active in the community, a listener, a person that works to make our people and communities stronger. Vote Renae Berg for House 32A. 

Ken Vaselaar


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