To the editor,

Jerry Grell’s letter (Sept. 3 issue) regarding the stolen political sign deserves a response. I’m alarmed that Mr. Grell doesn’t acknowledge the crime that was committed when someone stole the sign from Mr. Benny’s yard. As a Republican, Grell missed an opportunity to support the “law and order” his party supposedly represents. Instead, Mr. Grell attacked Joe Biden, who I’m certain had nothing to do with the theft of the sign, with a list of unsupported claims that he undoubtedly has amassed by watching Fox News or an equivalent. 

He should know that these claims have either been proven untrue or are simply allegations. It’s important that we voters separate fact from fiction before we cast our votes. I suggest turning off cable “news” channels and focusing instead on dependable news outlets, the websites of the candidates, and their written or stated positions on these issues. I, for one, feel confident in my ability to decide for myself without being poisoned by the political toxin that is spread so freely by those who are non-journalists, but merely entertainers.

Loren Brabec


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