To the editor,

When you are young and “in love” your focus is almost entirely on “THE ONE” with little or no consideration given to the fact that “THE ONE” has come from a family that could include a crazy uncle, a very difficult in-law, a drunk, … Your tendency is to ignore these family problems and not consider the effect they have or had on “THE ONE”.

Voting has some parallels to being “in love”. Your focus tends to be on “THE ONE” to whom you will give your vote without considering the “family” (political party) from which “THE ONE” came. This “family” certainly can have a crazy uncle, a difficult in-law, a drunk … By helping send “THE ONE” to St Paul, where rocks and cows would not be represented, or to Washington DC, where you would be giving power to familes from California and/or New York, and would in no way represent Minnesota.

Carefully observe “family” characteristics before making a commitment to “THE ONE”. Remember the “family’s” behavior during the catastrophic damage from the terrost attacks suffered by innocent residents in Minneapolis and St Paul? The terrosts had free run because of incompetence of the “family” (DFL). It was also the “family” which seriously intended to discontinue police protection in Minneapolis. The “family” was so inept that their behavior was used by national news reporters as examples of incompetence. Aren’t you proud?  

David Greer

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