Bluejacket Athlete of the Week - October 8, 2020

From the coach: I am nominating Cierra not only because of the stellar season she has put together that we all see now, but for all the work she put in that no one saw. Her work ethic, confidence, and perseverance are key components to success to anything in life but especially cross-country! She is a leader and an athlete that anyone would love to coach.

Favorite thing about sports: I couldn’t pick just one! I love everything about it. The pain, hard work, sweat, accomplishment, and the overall joy it brings me. I’m truly at my happiest when participating and/or watching sports.

Person who has influenced you: My family and friends influence me the most. They never fail to support and cheer me on.

How do you prepare for a game or meet?: I always need to have a banana somewhere in my day before I race. I also need to have my music in, and need to have a hoodie on right before my race. 

Highlight of athletic career: My highlight would be at our home meet against Monticello and Princeton. This Monticello girl and I were racing side by side for most of the race. We were on our 2nd lap coming up a hill, and I beat her up the hill to take 2nd place. That type of adrenaline and competition is why I love racing.

Future goals:  My future goals are to get a degree in Dietetics and one day become a Sports Dietician.

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