Fishing outings will all come in due time

I can only imagine that, after last month’s article about my 2017 fishing opener, you are waiting to hear about all the fishing adventures I’ve had since then. You’re likely thinking that I have taken a couple trips to my favorite lakes and perhaps several walks in my beloved Snake River.

But alas! Nothing – well, almost nothing, considering the political realm – could be further from the truth. I’ve managed just one quick trip to the river. That was on the evening of June 8 when I went to check out water depth and temperature in preparation for a June 11 outing with my son and oldest grandson. Conditions were excellent that evening; I did my walk-in fishing thing for just over an hour and made a few nice catches! However, the storm on June 11 wiped out our trip.

So, instead, I’ll tell you that the past weeks have been busy outdoor ones for me. The action began one morning when I was leaving for work only to discover strands of long dry grass hanging from my fishing rod rack in the garage above my car. Robins had begun building a nest on the handle ends of my fishing rods. 

After a few moments of thought, I carefully removed three rods and replaced them with some 2x2s from the shed. I wondered whether this would upset the birds, but the next morning I saw that it hadn’t. The nest was actively under construction!

As the days went by, I tried making friends with the adult robins that kept flying into the garage. Soon, the number of flights decreased, and I suspected that eggs now occupied the nest. By this time, the birds had gotten used to me and rarely moved when I “bothered” them by getting my lawnmower or ladder.

About two weeks ago, tiny beaks appeared above the rim of the nest. The adults were now busy flying in with worms and insects. Within days, the tiny birds had grown considerably, and soon after, they had dark feathers instead of gray fuzz. Then, on the morning of June 6, I observed one of the “babies” standing in the nest as I was about to leave for work. Its rather spindly legs seemed a bit wobbly, and the look on its face signaled apprehension. When I came home that afternoon, all of them had entered the world of the outdoors.

Not much can top bird births in the garage! However, we’ve seen geese fly low overhead and watched a family of geese – five little ones between two adults – parade across the lawn just days ago. Rabbits are hopping and robins are bopping across the yard. A lot is going on.

I planted both of my garden spots on Saturday, May 27, and by June 6, various tiny shoots had broken through the soil in rather straight rows. My tomato, Brussels sprouts and pepper plants are doing well, and I know I’m about to enter a very busy period of weeding and mulching. I’ve already lined up a decent “market” for my extra kale, cukes and zucchini! Nice to have friends!

But I’ll end this as I started – talking about fishing, that is. Low, warm water in the Snake means short trips in the evening are now possible. Maybe next month I’ll have something  fishy to write about!

Loren Brabec is a contributing sports writer for the Isanti-Chisago County Star and author of several Braham sports books.

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