Cambridge-Isanti Athlete of the Week

Reason for being chosen:  Chloe has had a very strong start to her senior season, having recorded three hat tricks in 10 games. In addition, she recorded her 100th career point during the team’s last game versus St. Francis/North Branch.

Favorite thing about sports: The adrenaline that comes right before a game or meet – it causes me to play to my full potential and to love every minute of the game. The friendships that are made soon turn into family, and it makes it easier and more enjoyable to fall in love with the sport. Scoring a goal or crossing a finish line is a such a great feeling of accomplishment and that feeling is not given – it is worked for. 

Person who has influenced you: There is not just one person who has influenced me in my hockey/sports career, there are many. My parents, my friends, even the fans that come to cheer us on. Most of all I think my coaches and teammates have influenced and trained me to be the player that I am today in all my sports. I’m not sure where I would be without them. 

How do you prepare for a game or meet?: While preparing for both my meets and my games I like to listen to music and spend time with my teammates. Watching the games before my own make me want to get onto the ice right away and play the game of hockey at that very moment. I think it is very motivating for both myself and my teammates. 

Highlight of athletic career: I believe that the highlights of my athletic career are in both track and hockey. I have participated in the state track meet the last couple of years, and being able to compete with the best athletes in the state was unforgettable. On the hockey side, every day is a highlight, I get to spend my ice time at practice and at the outdoor rinks with the teammates that strive to be the best players that they/we can be. 

Future goals: For my future I am going to continue my education and my hockey career at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and I am beyond excited for what that school has in store for me starting next fall.

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