Jacket Athlete of the Week, Feb. 13

From the coach:  Amme is having a standout senior season and impacts the game in so many ways on the court. In two Bluejacket wins last week, Amme scored 35 points, pulled down 19 rebounds, had four steals, four blocks, and three assists. In addition to being a standout player, Amme is also a great student and role model for our basketball program.

Favorite thing about sports: To compete. I try to push myself to move past the idea of fear and persevere through every challenge thrown my way. As I compete, I think about only one thing, and that is what I can do to help my team win. It is a good break from reality.

Person who has influenced you:  My parents have been my biggest influence. My dad, from day one, instilled the passion for basketball into my heart. He has been tough and critical, but mostly right in doing so. My mom has been the best supporter and always takes the pressure off my shoulders. I guess you could say it is sometimes a good cop/bad cop duo, but it works and they both made me the player I am today. Thank you, Mom and Dad. 

How do you prepare for a game or meet?: I typically shoot either in the morning and/or afternoon to find how my shot feels that day. Right before the game I will listen to music to get excited and hyped up. I try to visualize in our talk before the game. Lastly, as I step out on the court for the national anthem, I usually pray and tell myself to enjoy the game I grew up playing. 

Highlight of athletic career: Beating St. Francis just recently after becoming eligible. I did transfer from there due to personal issues, but winning was like beating the person who told me I wasn’t good enough. It felt so good, and I couldn’t have done it without my team.

Future goals:  My future goals are to play college basketball at Bemidji State University and develop as an athlete. I hope to continue to grow and push myself to be my best. I will always want basketball to be a part of my life. The lessons it taught me and the experience it gave me will stay with me forever. 

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