North Branch Athlete of the Week, Sept. 12

From the coach: Sylvia has shown tremendous growth in leadership in our program both on the field and off. This past week Sylvia scored in our win at Richfield on Tuesday and added two more goals in our win on Saturday against Zimmerman. She has been a major contributor to our defensive back line playing predominantly as an outside back. While she has locked down her side of the field, she has also been able to find the back of the net as a DB as well as an outside midfielder. Along with her leadership skills growing, she has developed a fierce competitiveness that has had a positive impact on our team and program. 

Favorite thing about sports: My favorite thing about sports is how everyone works together as a team. It’s not just one player who does all the work; it’s a team effort. Every player contributes to the play of the game and it shows. Sports is about being able to come together as a team and being able to become a family on the field or court.

Person who has influenced you: My parents have for sure influenced me the most. They are always there to support me through everything that I do. They are the people that push me the hardest and that tell me that I can do it. They have always seen the best in me and have made me the athlete I am today. They mean so much to me, and I thank them for everything.

How do you prepare for a game or meet?: When I prepare for my next game, I listen to good pre-game music and let go of all the negatives. I focus on what I need to do on the field that will benefit my team and myself. I usually take a good snooze on the bus if we are on the road! 

Highlight of athletic career: My highlight of my athletic career is being able to be a part of the varsity team. It makes me so happy and honored to play at such a high level with a lot of competition.

Future goals: My future goals are to finish high school and graduate. I’ve always wanted to play soccer in college no matter where I end up. It’s been my dream. I would like to be a part of the soccer team at UMD. It would be so fun to play for them!

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