Viking Athlete of the Week - Sept. 10, 2020

From the coach:  Chloe is a senior leader on the team and has been with the varsity squad since 9th grade.  She has played both singles and doubles, and has grown into each position.  She works incredibly hard and has shown such improvement over the years, and is now our number one singles player.  Chloe puts in so much time with her tennis, whether it’s the off-season or during the season.  She has always been driven to succeed.  She is also a great leader for the team.  She can lift spirits easily and she pushes others on the team to work hard as well.

Favorite thing about sports:  I like the outcome of the matches and seeing all the hard work pay off. I also enjoy playing with the girls because they are my friends on and off the court. My coaches are very supportive and they make it fun. 

Person who has influenced you:  My brother Cody.  He inspired me to play hockey and other sports. That’s when I tried tennis and instantly fell in love with the sport. 

How do you prepare for a game or meet?:  I keep it pretty simple. I eat a good lunch or breakfast depending on what time our match starts. I get ready, pack my bag and I give my mom a hug before I leave as she’s wishing me good luck. As I’m driving to meet up with my team I start thinking on some strategies on what happened last match and how I can do better on the next one. Sometimes on the bus I talk to my teammates about how they are gonna do and how they are feeling that day. But most of the time it’s pretty quiet. So I start listening to music and start thinking on how I am gonna keep my head up with a positive attitude.

Highlight of athletic career:  My junior year at the Mora tournament and we got first place. After that we stayed in a hotel and went out to dinner to celebrate. Made a lot of memories that I will never forget.

Future goals:  My future goals are to attend college to play tennis and study to be an athletic trainer. 

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