Viking Athlete of the Week, Feb. 13

From the coach:  I nominated Megan because she is an outstanding student-athlete who excels on the basketball court and in the classroom. Megan chose to stick with basketball despite most of her classmates quitting a few years ago. Her decision to continue playing showed a tremendous amount of dedication to our program and demonstrated her true passion for the game of basketball. Recently, Megan broke the North Branch girls basketball all-time record for most 3-pointers made in a career. We are grateful for her leadership and everything she has done for our program the last four years!

Favorite thing about sports: The opportunity to forget the outside world and be consumed in the competition. It brings intensity, accomplishment, and struggles. But most of all, it builds character.

Person who has influenced you:  My traveling coach, Scott Hadrava, had the biggest influence on my basketball career. His pregame speeches always got me fired up with his tagline “bring it, sister.” The most important thing Scott taught me was the saying, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” It takes no basketball talent to hustle. No matter what, play hard and have fun.

How do you prepare for a game or meet?:  I listen to my game day playlist and eat my container of mixed vegetables while Chloe braids my hair.

Highlight of athletic career: There have been so many exciting moments throughout my career, but the one that is the biggest reflection of my hard work is breaking the school record for 3-pointers made.

Future goals:  After college, I hope to pursue a career as a dental hygienist and have a family of my own someday. 

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