Viking Athlete of the Week, January 16

From the coach:  Our Athlete of the Week nomination is senior Carter Whitman. On the court, Carter has averaged 11 points, five rebounds and three assists in our three games in January. Off the court Carter is the perfect example of what I want our program to become. He spends two hours every day mentoring kids at the middle school, as well as being a fixture at our Viking Skills Academy every Monday evening. He is a two-year captain for us, and he leads us on and off the court.

Favorite thing about sports: My favorite thing about sports is that they bring people together and provide a relationship with your team that is really tough to find anywhere else. Sports create bonds that lasts lifetimes.

Person who has influenced you: My dad has influenced me most. He has always helped me stay focused and kept me striving to better myself as a person and athlete. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am today if it wasn’t for him always pushing me to the next level.

How do you prepare for a game or meet?: I prepare for games by reminding myself of what my job is when I get on the court, and I try and make sure that my team, along with myself, is all checked in mentally.

Highlight of athletic career: I would say the highlight of my athletic career would be being named captain for back-to-back seasons. I think it is really cool that I am thought of highly enough as a leader to be given that title for two consecutive seasons.

Future goals:  My future goals are to continue to improve as a basketball team as the season goes on. At this point, I am still undecided on my path after high school.

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