A look at flip-over portables versus hub style

Once you have both the flip-over style and hub/tent style portable ice houses, you can handle most conditions during the mid-winter period, according to Steve Carney.

As we progress into the mid part of winter, the snow that has plagued the Midwest has now made ice fishing a huge challenge. The trick is getting to where you want to go and getting there safely.

Anglers have been steadily getting into the “hub style” portable ice houses, which are wonderful at the right times. The “pull-over style” is the other style which is very popular and probably more practical. Here is a primer on the good and bad of both.

Pull-over style

The pull-over style, because of the heavy wet snow, will be much more effective this season. The ability to carry your gear in the tub makes this style very preferable.

I like this style of house because it pulls well behind my snowmobile and can handle most any depth of snow.

Make sure you have a travel cover for the pull-over style, or your gear will be damaged and full of snow on a long trek. The bad news is that they are heavy and sometimes very difficult to get into a truck or trailer.

Hub style

The popularity of the hub or tent style is growing every season. You will notice our lakes are full of the hub styles. I really like the leg room and space, which sometimes can be as much as 92 square feet. Once set up, you are fishing in style!

The bad news is that once you are in place, chances are you won’t be moving. Once set up, you are there for the duration. I use the hub style only when I have a definite hot spot and don’t expect to be moving around.

If you have the ability to afford both, do it. They both have their time and place on the ice.

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