Cambridge-Isanti FCCLA thankful for being able to help others

Cambridge-Isanti High School FCCLA held a stuffing drive and partnered with Family Pathways to fill Thanksgiving meal boxes. Pictured are, in back, from left Lindsey Weidendorf, Emma Scott, Brooklyn Dickey, Abigail Bettendorg, Francie Plemon, Keziah Bulabon, Myke Llorente, Makayla Lee, Caiya Gibbs; front, from left: Emily Lawson, Clouie Nelson.

As the holiday season approaches, the 25 members of the Cambridge-Isanti High School Family, Career and Community Leaders of America organization have much to be thankful for, gained by learning how rewarding it is to help and inspire others.

FCCLA, a national student leadership organization associated with Family and Consumer Science classes, has at one of its aims to work to make a positive difference in the world. Two recent projects have them doing that in the community and in the school.

During the week of Nov. 8 to 12, the group conducted a Thanksgiving Stuffing Drive, partnering with Family Pathways in Cambridge to fill Thanksgiving meal boxes for families in need in the community. FCCLA led the drive to collect the stuffing for these boxes, led by organization members Emma Scott and Lindsey Weidendorf. 

This was the second year the group has worked with Family Pathways to fill Thanksgiving meal boxes. The Family Pathways project the group will undertake will be to collect packages of ramen noodles. According to club advisor Katie Soler, information for this drive will be found in the school newsletter, so anyone who wants to participate can.

FCCLA students are also working on a project at Cambridge-Isanti High, where they are painting inspirational sayings on the walls.

“One of our reasons is that the school is very bland,” Soler said. “Our main colors may be white and blue, but the rest of our school is painted in neutral colors. Adding more color to the school brings out the fun and creativity.

“Our other reason for continuing this project is also because of mental health awareness and to spread positivity around school. Whenever people feel overwhelmed, they tend to go to places that they want space in and feel comfortable — which means bathrooms are usually the place they go to,” she added. 

“So, we thought by painting encouraging words and bright colors would help them feel better.”

Soler added that the group believes this is a step forward to “making a positive environment.” 

“We are starting small, that’s why we started on the bathroom stalls,” she said. “We do have plans to paint murals around the school and classrooms. We are using acrylic paint then setting it with mod podge to keep the paint from falling off.”

Soler said she expect the paintings to last at least 10 years.

One individual member of the group who has much to be grateful for is senior Abigail Bettendorf, who is the FCCLA Minnesota State President.

“She has worked hard to attain this position and serves the organization well,” Soler said.

At the FCCLA national conference held in Nashville, Tennessee, over the summer, Abigail took first place in the nation in her event, Public Policy Advocate. For this event she addressed the school referendum issue. Earlier this month, she traveled to Washington, D.C., for the National FCCLA Fall Conference and Capitol Leadership event. 

“Abigail shows the true characteristics of a leader and the Bluejacket Way,” Stoler said. For that, the whole school district can be thankful.

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