The National Association of Counties (NACo) has appointed Commissioner Susan Morris as chair of Senior and Aging Services Committee.

Susan said she had no idea that she was being considered for this honor and responsibility, “I was told that all the work that I have done to address issues that impact seniors on a local, state, and national level has been noticed by leadership and they want me to have the position so I can do more to help seniors on a national level.”

Commissioner Morris worked with Congressmen Stauber on the issue of taxing volunteer drivers. The IRS made a rule change 5 years ago that taxed volunteer drivers on gas reimbursement. This rule caused Isanti County to lose all volunteer drivers in the county. Susan described these volunteer drivers as, “amazing humans that just want to help; they show up with their vehicle and donate their time to take a complete stranger to a medical appointment. These are often older Veterans that need a ride to the VA. Isanti County used to have 8 volunteer drivers, today the number is zero. That means many Veterans are not getting the medical care they need.”

In 2018 Commissioner Morris helped educate fellow County Commissioners across the USA so this issue could be added to the NACo platform. This means the lobbyists at NACo can work on this issue. This is important because, with their help and expertise, this law can actually be changed.

If citizens of Isanti County have concerns about issues affecting seniors they can reach out to Susan and let her know about it, she can be reached at or call her at 763-286-1953.

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