It can be so easy, when seeing the news, to imagine that hunger and violence are issues far from home. In reality, these problems are unfortunately universal and never far from your front door. At Family Pathways, a local nonprofit, we see this reality every day in the families who seek support from our food shelves and domestic violence programs. The hidden tragedy of our community is the “kid next door” who is scared or hungry, and whose experience remains invisible.

 In the Family Pathways service area alone (Central MN and Polk County WI) the number of children who qualify for school meal assistance would fill the Xcel Energy Center 2.5 times. That’s 51,400+ children in households of 4 with an annual income of $34,450 or less. 37,400 children in our service area alone have witnessed and/or experienced physical or emotional abuse at home. Family Pathways is able to help only a fraction of these children each year, serving about 6,500 local kids each year. 

 These are not kids in some far away place, these are the kids you see in your neighborhood every day. These are kids you have a chance to help. From providing food to supervising visits with separated parents to offering shelter from violence, our work - with your support- makes a difference in the lives of kids in our community.

 On August 31, Family Pathways will be hosting a 24-hour digital event to raise money in support of the services that ensure our local youth are healthy, safe, and well. Commit to Kids Giving Day is an investment in the services Family Pathways provides for youth in East Central MN and Western WI. To be part of Giving Day and to make an impact on the lives of kids in our community, visit

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