The Wild River chapter of the National Audubon Society will be hosting J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director of Fresh Energy, on Tuesday, March 31 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hallberg Center for the Arts, 5521 East Viking Blvd, Wyoming. Ms. Hamilton’s talk is entitled “Climate Action - The Most Important Steps We Should Take.”  

Hamilton is an expert in climate and energy policy. She focuses on scientific analysis and policy development for carbon reduction to maximize economic opportunities. Hamilton speaks annually to 50 audiences, including civic organizations and businesses. She represents Fresh Energy at the annual United Nations global climate summits, showcasing Minnesota’s nation-leader carbon reductions.

Hamilton earned degrees in physical geography from Dartmouth College and the University of Minnesota, was assistant professor at George Washington University, and serves on Dartmouth’s Institute for Energy and Society.

Hamilton is ranked among the top 100 climate action influencers on Twitter. In 2019, she won a statewide award from Minnesota businesses and citizens as the state’s Critical Collaborator, credited for inspiring, and activating business, regulatory, legislative, conservative, liberal, rural and urban audiences to pull the highest levers for climate action with all their strength.

 Fresh Energy is a Minnesota non-profit based in St. Paul that has been a leading voice in energy conservation, economic development, environmental protection, neighborhood issues and civic engagement since 1992. From putting Minnesota on the pathway to being a national renewable energy leader to promoting clean transportation options for our growing economy, Fresh Energy has been an essential partner in helping the region develop efficient, cost-effective, and inclusive energy programming.

The presentation is free and open to the public.

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