Following a new contract with On-line Retrievers, Isanti city residents who wish to pick up their escaped pet will need to travel up to Ogilvie and pay the appropriate fees to reclaim their pets. But what happens if nobody comes to claim an animal picked up in Isanti?

According to City Administrator Josi Wood, the original contract with On-line Retrievers was vague on unclaimed animals, so she wanted to get that out in the open. She said the full contract stipulates that if nobody comes to claim an animal and On-line Retrievers is unable to find it a new home, those fees would be paid by the city. She added the fee for kenneling the animal would be reduced by $10 per day.

“This had been in their contract when they provided interim services to the city,” Wood told the city council during their May 3 meeting. “Staff just felt more comfortable bringing this back to council and ensuring you knew about this language.”

During discussion, the council noted it’s very rare that either the original owners or a new family can’t be found.

“In that six to nine months they were temporarily providing service to the city, there was no fees that came back to the city,” Mayor Jeff Johnson said, indicating all animals collected in that time were either reclaimed or rehomed.

“There was a dog she had (back then), my wife bugged me about, but they have to hold it for a certain length of time,” Councilmember Steve Lundeen said. “I would have grabbed that dog in a heartbeat. If they would have charged me a grand, I would have paid it. 

“That thing was as cute as a button. So, I’m going to guarantee, unless that dog is purple, there’s going to be someone that takes that animal.”

“In my conversations with the owner, she works very diligently to find homes,” said Wood.


In other action during the May 3 meeting, the council:

Approved the minor subdivision plat for Halvorson Acres;

Approved the development agreement for Fairway Greens North Phase II;

Approved a temporary on-sale liquor license to Isanti Firefighter’s Rodeo Association for the annual rodeo;

Approved the purchase of a snowplow truck. According to Wood, the purchase was budgeted for 2022 but the city won’t be able to receive one until 2023 due to shortages; and

Authorized Isanti Fire District to perform controlled burns to remove weeds and dead plant material from the rain garden near the Rum River BMX, as well as the creek area within the rodeo grounds.

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