Isanti City Council approved the preliminary levy and budget for the City of Isanti at its Sept. 7 meeting. The proposed preliminary property tax levy is approximately $3.3 million and reflects an increase in the preliminary taxable market value for 2022 of 10.83%, according to Finance Director Mike Betker. 

The proposed preliminary property tax rate is 58.48%, a decrease of 3.17% from 2021, Betker noted. The 15-year average tax rate from 2007 thru 2021 is 67.08%, he added.

“We’ve been able to reduce that tax rate history, and we can prove to council members, staff, and residents that we are fully funding our obligations,” Betker told the council. “We aren’t leaving any capital maintenance or replacement items untouched, we aren’t leaving any capital projects untouched. We’re completing road projects, and we’re doing it without issuing debt, which is also another goal that the council has made very clear.”

The biggest change to the budget since the council last discussed it before the meeting was to include capital expenditures to replace all water meters in the city in 2022 rather than wait for 2028, according to Betker. He explained the need for this is that the current water meters are no longer supported by the company from which they were purchased, and if they went down, it would cause chaos for the city. 

The final budget and levy meeting will take place Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. The amount of the final levy cannot exceed the approved preliminary levy by state statute.


In other business, the council:

•Approved a resolution for a conditional use permit for Thunder Brothers Brewery, which is relocating from its current location to 801 Hwy 65 NE.

•Approved a resolution for the site plan for a dental clinic and commercial tenant building at 401 Cherrywood St NE.

•Approved a resolution for the preliminary and final plat for Isanti Liquor Store.

•Approved a resolution to list Lot 2, Block 1, Isanti Liquor Store for sale at a price of $75,000.

•Approved a resolution for letter of credit adjustments for Legacy Pines 1st, 2nd and 3rd additions.

•Approved a resolution for Thunder Brothers Brewery to have a brewer off-sale and tap room on-sale Sunday liquor license. 

•Approved a resolution terminating the park lease with the VFW; all park equipment and fencing will be removed and sold at public auction.

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