No joke — Pizza Ranch is coming to Cambridge

The Pizza Ranch construction site on highway 95 has been confirmed. 

After a decade of unsubstantiated rumors, social media punchlines, and even at least one hoax sign, fantasy is about to become reality — a Pizza Ranch restaurant is officially opening in Cambridge.

In what could be called one of the worst-kept secrets in modern-day history for this area, signs went up Friday revealing what had daily been repeated on several community social media sites. The construction taking place along Highway 95 just to the west of Speedway was in fact for the much-talked-about restaurant. It wasn’t until those signs were placed, however, that the city was willing to go on record of confirming the news.

“The city typically takes the position that it is up to the owners of the new business to make an official announcement,” City Administrator Evan Vogel said.

Vogel added that the purchase of the property, plus construction and building permits are all of public record. He also said there are certain exceptions to this policy, such as when the city is directly involved with the process of opening a new business. He cited the city announcing the eventual opening of the third Kwik Trip on the west side of town as an example, where the city purchased the property from the state solely to turn around and resell it to Kwik Trip. Another example is if a business needed the council to approve the rezoning of property, or a conditional or interim use permit. 

The restaurant, which features pizza and other options such as chicken, salads, sides, and desserts in a buffet-style offering, has grown from a single restaurant in Iowa to over 200 franchise locations across the Midwest.

In addition to the restaurant, however, Cambridge’s franchise will feature a Pizza Ranch Fun Zone Arcade, which offers a wide variety of classic games such as skeeball, basketball shooting, and other games where participants can accrue points towards prizes.

A timeline has not been officially announced for when the restaurant is expected to open.

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