North Branch water tower receives face-lift

As you drive through our city, you likely noticed the curtain around the water tower and wondered what is going on? North Branch’s west water tower is getting painted. Periodically water towers, like all structures, need repair and upkeep. But it makes us all wonder, what does a water tower do? Why is it important? 

For many of us, a water tower is a sign what city we are in when we are traveling and is one of the most prominent structures in a city. This is because it is usually the one public building most people can see from nearly everywhere. So it is important to have a structure that represents so much of the city to look nice, as well as function properly. 

Water towers are an elevated tank that provides water pressure to assist all on municipal water systems, according to “How Stuff Works.” The pressure allows toilets to flush, our showers to work, anything where we need moving water. It is also important for fire insurance rating. What is also interesting is that the tower often has enough water for an entire day. Water towers rarely have outages like we might notice on internet or cable. 

The goal is to have the painting of the water tower complete by the end of August with the city’s new logo. 

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