Plans begin for 2022 street improvement project

The above map shows the streets in Goldenwood that will be improved over next summer as part of the City of Cambridge’s ongoing street improvement project.

Following their every-other-year plans, the Cambridge City Council took the first step in the process for the city’s 2022 street improvement project. 

Like usual, the city will be targeting an area where the streets have reached or are beyond their projected lifespan of approximately 30 years. What is different, however, is the 2020 project marked the final section of streets where underground sewer/stormwater replacement was needed.

The 2022 project will focus on the north half of Goldenwood, including nearly every street north of, but not including, Central Ave. This does include East Rum River Drive from 18th Ave SW to Central Ave. According to City Engineer Todd Blank, Central Ave and the Goldenwood streets to the south will be part of the 2024 project.

According to Blank, those streets were constructed or improved in 1989, “so they are around 32 years old. We expect our pavements to last 30 years, or actually around 27 years, so we’re doing pretty good to get that amount of life down there.”

While the underground sewer system won’t need replacing, the curb and gutters “is in very bad shape,” according to Blank. Additionally, portions of the sidewalks will need to be replaced, along with some of the retaining walls.

“Otherwise, this is a pavement replacement project,” Blank said. “These are newer plastic pipes that are supposed to last 50-plus years.”

At the same time, Blank said they would run a video camera through the pipes just to make sure there aren’t any repairs that would need to be done at the same time.

According to Blank, there will be an informational meeting for residents in the affected area in October. A mandatory public hearing on the project will take place during the council’s Dec. 6 meeting. Construction should begin as early as feasible in May, 2022, with construction expected to last until Oct., 2022.

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