Schooltime speed limits to be enacted at Isanti Middle School

In response to a recent incident involving two Isanti Middle School students being struck by a vehicle, speed limits will now be reduced when children are present near the Isanti Intermediate School on County State Aid Highway 5.

During the Nov. 17 Isanti County Commissioners meeting, County Engineer Richard Heilman proposed replacing the 40-mile-per-hour school speed limit signs with 30-mile-per-hour when children are present signs. The speed limit on that stretch of CSAH 5 was previously 55-miles-per-hour, but has been reduced to 45-miles-per-hour within recent years, which allowed reducing the school speed zone limit by the county highway engineer.

The school speed zone signs at the Isanti Primary School on CSAH will also change to read “when children present” rather than having start or stop times because the times no longer match the start and end of school, according to Heilman.

The board also approved a four-way stop for the intersection of CSAH 1 and CSAH 6. Heilman noted the intersection was a four-way stop during the detour for the reconstruction of Minnesota Highway 95 and seemed safer, but reverted back to a two-way stop after the detour eneded. 


Two public hearings are set for Isanti County, both of which are scheduled for the Dec. 15 board meeting. 

The first public hearing will take place at 9:30 a.m. and is an annual meeting to adopt the 2022 county fee schedule.

The second public hearing will take place at 10 a.m. and is in regards to changing the county tobacco ordinance. Currently, Isanti County Health and Human Services issues tobacco licenses, and the ordinance change would instead authorize Finance and Property Services to issue tobacco licenses.


After several months of the accessory dwelling task force meeting to draft an ordinance for accessory dwellings, an updated draft was presented to the Isanti County Planning Commission.

Several concerns were addressed by the planning commission and others in attendance, which will be brought back to the accessory dwelling task force for modifications to the draft ordinance.

Some of the concerns addressed include:

• Accessory dwelling be allowed for relatives only;

• Concerns regarding accessory dwelling units being used as rental property;

• No additional driveways being installed for accessory dwelling units;

• Not splitting property for financial reasons to provide capital to install an accessory dwelling unit;

• The unit being no more than 50% of the size of the primary single family dwelling unit; and,

• Issues with several townships that don’t support an accessory dwelling unit ordinance.

It was noted at the county board meeting that townships can make accessory dwelling unit ordinances which are more restrictive than county ordinance, but cannot make an ordinance that is less restrictive than the county.

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