This year’s leaves have not even finished falling and you can already order trees and shrubs for next year.  The Chisago Soil & Water Conservation District’s annual Tree and Shrub Sale order form is ready and available for download on our website ar 

Evergreens are great for providing year-round interest and wildlife habitat. The SWCD offers Norway spruce, white spruce, Black Hills spruce, red pine, white pine, tamarack, and white cedar in bundles of 25 trees of each species. One of the most common questions we get at the tree barn each year is “what’s the fastest growing evergreen?” We recommend Black Hills Spruce or either of the pine species. If you have deer, they tend to really enjoy pines and cedar, but seem to avoid spruce.

Shade trees are not only good for wildlife, they also provide shade for our hot summers here in Minnesota. Aside from the maples, oaks, birch and poplar trees, we have hackberry and basswood too, both of which are fantastic yard trees with nice tall growth and nice canopies to provide shade.

Many people also look for trees or shrubs that are good for wildlife. We recommend planting species that have fruit or nuts for birds and small mammals. Good options include oaks, common chokecherry, American plum, rosa rugosa, redosier dogwood, juneberry and Nanking cherry. 

Looking for flowering trees or shrubs? The best flowering trees available are common chokecherry and red splendor crab apple.  There is a good variety of flowering shrubs to choose from, including American plum (large shrub/small tree), rosa rugose, common lilac, redosier dogwood, juneberry, and Nanking cherry.

The SWCD is taking tree orders now. Print off a copy of the tree and shrub order form from our website and mail it in to reserve your tree order early as we have sold out early over the last few years and quantities are limited. Download the order form at

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