About the Town: Mass shootings symptom of a deeper problem

MASS SHOOTINGS ARE on the increase. They are tragic and devastating. Families and children are fearful and law enforcement is not able to prevent them or reduce the incidence of these merciless killings.

I don’t see gun control, confiscation or more regulations reducing this growing problem. It’s a much, much deeper problem in our society and I think we’ve been skirting the root cause.

What creates so much anger that provokes young men to walk into a school and kill innocent children and teachers?

What creates so much hatred in others that provokes a person to walk into a place of worship and kill innocent people who only want to exercise their freedom of religion?

What provokes so much hatred that someone will kill people simply because of their sexual orientation?   

I fear for our country. As an American (democratic) society, I think we have lost our way. We have broken homes, grandparents rather than two parent families raising children, poverty, poor educational systems, gangs, and violence is everywhere—on television, in the movies, on the Internet, on video games, social media and on real-life news programs.

Today there is a disrespect for law and order, for police, for teachers, for employers, for parents and for each other.

We have lost many of the fundamentals of civil life. Perhaps it’s partly the decline in church attendance that has led to this, or parents no longer teaching at home basic manners and politeness to children. Worse, many parents may also lack these attributes. The moral fabric of this country seems to be coming apart.

Many people who feel isolated, marginalized and insignificant are susceptible to dangerous messages found on social media and the internet.

Unless we begin to make progress solving these deeper problems of our society, I don’t see gun control, confiscation or more regulations reducing mass shootings.

Our society, beginning with children, has lost respect for the responsibility of being parents.  We have lost some of the basic fundamentals of civil life such as rules for living that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai known as the Ten Commandments. 

Today many pastors through their sermon communication are finding it difficult to challenge these areas of immorality and ethics in our society. 

There is fear of reprisal, fear that their church won’t grow or it will lose financially. 

This nation cannot continue on this path. People are trying to rewrite the Constitution. In the first place, they should read it and understand it. 

Our government and our elected representatives are supposed to serve the people, not concentrate on personal financial gain. 

What information can you trust today? The Bible is our manufacturer’s handbook. It is God inspired word, but throughout history sinful people have turned against God. They have lost what the words “Love your neighbor as yourself” mean. 

Our nation is on the road to self-destruct. If we don’t make changes, we will continue to lose freedoms that we have fought so hard to protect. 

You as individuals can make a difference. Be encouragers. Invite people to church and help them be involved. Read the Bible or attend a Bible study. You may discover that the society written about and condemned in the Bible is very similar to our society today. Check it out!

GENE JOHNSONis Publisher Emeritus of Press Publications, owner of the Isanti-Chisago County Star. He can be reached at ppinfo@presspubs.com.

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Alan Fancher

Great insights from Gene Johnson. He addresses major problems facing our nation and offers great advice on Godly living. Praise the Lord for people like Gene who speak the truth!

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