To the editor,

In response to “Biden’s scorecard”: 

Unemployment 4.6%. Mr. Benny claims 5,600,000 jobs have been created? Several of these so called created jobs are just folks coming back into the workforce getting off the Covid stimulus checks and added unemployment compensations taken away, then these millions of folks went back to work. Not to mention the unconstitutional Mandate that sleepy Joe put in place which resulted in excess of 4.6 million high paid honest people that left their jobs and could not collect unemployment benefits. While Biden, Psaki, Pelosi, and Fauci all stated the government will not mandate the shots.

Stock market risen 37%, maybe Benny did not see a few Fridays ago the market hit an “all time low” I just got my statement and I lost thousands in one month, I’m projected to earn 10% for 2021. Under Trump the market hit records 131 times and was very stable.

Add 2.4 million jobs by 2025, this is fiction;  I am traveling to the moon via SpaceX too.

GDP 5%? Which one, nominal, real, or per capita GDP?

Wow 4.5 billion for roads and bridges, think of the three bridges this will cover. The 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse cost was 400 million. Imagine now with the massive inflation cost. What percentage of this bill was allocated for infrastructure? Take a look at the garbage that’s in this bill. Thanks Pete Stauber for voting no as several Democrats did.

 Biden inherited an economy we have never seen before in 50 years. The TCJA Bill brought back in excess of a trillion dollars from overseas companies, all Sleepy Joe had to do is sit at his desk and do what he does best, sleep and lie. This economy is a direct reflection of the previous administration’s efforts, not Biden. We were oil independent for the first time ever. Sleepy screwed that up. Inflation spikes to a 39 year high — 45% of the population is struggling financially. Gas/home heating up 58.1%, certain meats up 26%, autos 31%.

 Crime and violence at all time highs from Democrats defunding police. Record homicides in Louisville, KY; Tucson, AZ; Columbus, OH; and Indianapolis. Chicago’s Cook County to date 1009 homicides —  a 27 year high. In Philadelphia, waiting for a bus, a 14 year old boy shot 18 times. Biden’s approval ratings in the tank. Lastly, its interesting how college students and Nascar fans express how they feel about Biden. My Sentiments exactly.

Jerry Grell


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