To the editor,

In Jerry Grell’s Sept. 16 letter to the editor in the County Star, he goes on and on with his comparisons of Trump and Biden, especially regarding Afghanistan. In his opinion, “Mr. Trump had the Taliban’s respect.” The fact is that Trump negotiated a “peace settlement” with the Taliban, a terrorist organization, without involvement of the Afghan government! No wonder the Taliban “respected” him.

However, that’s not my main point in responding to Mr. Grell’s presentation of the facts as he sees them and his opinions based upon them. It is simply this: Before, during and after Jan. 6, Donald Trump had and has consistently and relentlessly discarded the Constitution of the United States by claiming, without any proof, that there was election fraud that kept him out of office a second time. Trump’s greatest betrayal of the supreme law of this land was the organization and execution of an attempted overthrow of the U.S. government on that day. Leadership is not exemplified by an attempted overthrow of the government one was sworn to defend. Yet, Mr. Grell wonders why I “keep bringing up Jan. 6.”

So, Mr. Grell, in my opinion, your comparison of the Jan. 6 damages and those associated with the Floyd riots is meaningless; that is, unless you can put a quantified value on our democracy. 

Loren Brabec


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