To the editor,

So interesting that Benny/Brabec always bash Trump however, its simply not right to bash Joe.

 Your President:

 Biden’s plan to exit Afghanistan was a Chinese fire drill. The movie “Clueless” would be appropriate. He was informed by his Intelligence Dept of the takeover and just dismissed it. On July 23 Biden called Ghani {Afghan President} and in Biden’s own words asked him to lie for him. Quotes from that conversation: “The perception around the world and parts of Afghanistan is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban; THERE IS A NEED; WHETHER TRUE OR NOT to project a different picture.” Take time to read the whole conversation.

Biden leaves $85 billion in guns, money as well as helicopters and tanks. Watch the videos. Even the past Obama Administration questions his decisions. Now the Taliban have the best equipment and an arsenal of guns/ artillery, thanks to Biden. Heck the Taliban could open up a military gun shop and call it Traitor Joes.

Benny states Biden’s retaliation, Biden’s drone strike, alleged to have hit an Afghan family car not ISIS K, again incompetency.

Obama/Biden’s trade for Bowe Bergdahl was a complete disaster. The end result: the new leadership of the Taliban controlled Afghanistan (former Guantanamo prisoners) Mullah Noorullan Noori, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Khairullah Khairkhwa, Minister Mohammad Fazl. Don’t forget under Obama/Biden administration, 2500 soldiers were buried.

Mr. Trump had the Taliban’s respect; the Taliban have no respect for Biden and told Joe how the evacuation was going to be concluded in Afghanistan. This is the clear difference in leadership.

Loren, you keep bringing up Jan 6, lets do some comparisons on riots:

Capital riots left 40 injured cops, 570 arrests, $1.5 million in damages. 2020 Floyd riots, 2,037 injured police, 16,241 arrests, $1-2 billion in damages. Are the families of the fallen soldiers receiving $27 million in damages each? Benny certainly supports defunding the police. You both voted for a President that just defunded the military by leaving $85 billion behind for the Taliban. Pathetic. At least Loren was compassionate enough to remember the recent fallen soldiers.

Trump left Biden a silver platter economy, low unemployment and border security. Then with a few strokes of a pen Biden screwed everything up. Lastly; Biden and Psaki lied to all of us about vetting the Afghan people that came over in excess of 120 thousand, most who were NOT interpreters. Many were NOT vetted or tested for Covid. Remember 9/11? 

Jerry Grell


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