Allegiance to Trump baffling

To the editor,

I am continually amazed by the allegiance to the ideas that Trump was a great and very successful President and Biden is incompetent. Case in point, a letter to the editor by Jerry Grell.

 Mr. Grell thinks that just by his being President, Trump would have stopped the Kabul airport attack. On what basis? What would Trump have done? Grell suggests a swift response but that implies that, after the attack Trump would have responded. That wouldn’t be stopping the attack, would it? Biden has said he will retaliate but on his schedule. I don’t say that Biden is blameless in what is happening in Afghanistan but, after 20 years, four Presidents, thousands of lives and trillions of wasted dollars, it’s ridiculous to lay all the blame on Biden. We hear complaints from the right, yet it appears that Trump had NO plans in place to exit. Grell goes on to chide Biden for taking a vacation is rich in light of Trump’s visiting his own vacation properties 428 days, pocketing taxpayer money every single time. 

 Mr. Grell goes on to complain about the Biden economic plans. He says that he wouldn’t trust Biden to run a radio flyer wagon assembly line. I don’t recall that being a qualification to run for President. I also don’t recall hearing Trump run one either. On 1-19-21 (Trump’s last full day in office) the Dow Jones Average was at 30,814 and on 9-2-21, it was 35,443. Unemployment 1-31-21 (last month of Trump) was 6.8%. At the end of July, it was 5.4%. 

 Other statistics Trump supporters would like to gloss over are the Covid deaths. Their “great president” presided over more than 400,000 Covid deaths. There have been multiple studies concluding that as many as 160,000 of those deaths were preventable. Covid deaths for the week ending 1/23/21 were 23,622 and 3,253 for the week ended 8/28/21. 

 There may be a day when the allegiance to Trump will wane. Maybe when more people see how their lives have improved under Biden. Maybe the Trump followers will actually be able to look beyond themselves and see that some sacrifice for the “common good” is a worthwhile endeavor. We used to have times like that. We used to be able to have a “battle of ideas” and let the best sift out. Those “battles of ideas” weren’t the death matches that they are now. Since the Reagan presidency and particularly during Trump we have lost those ideals. I pray for the day when we return to them. 

Jeffrey Benny


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