To the editor,

In response to Roger Newton’s recent letter to the editor, I too am very concerned about the “cancel culture” being executed in our country. One political party is using extreme methods to cancel millions of registered voters’ access to voting. 

In legislatures across the country, this political party is enacting laws that will restrict the voting methods of certain legally registered voters. These laws are being passed in the name of “voter security” after an election that had near zero levels of voter fraud.  There were more than 60 court cases that failed to prove voter fraud in the 2020 election. 

 To see the real intent, look at the language of a recent Texas law. The law states that it is important for the “purity of the ballot.” Those words were used in “Jim Crow” Texas laws. The older Texas laws set up “whites only” primary elections. That meant non-white registered voters were not allowed to have a say in who was on the final election ballot.  

This is a moral issue as well. Laws enacted to restrict only certain voters’ rights based primarily on the color of their skin and who they vote for cannot claim any moral high ground. So yes, I agree, the Republican party is engaged in a vicious, amoral “cancellation” attack on the voting rights of millions of registered voters. If fully successful, this “cancel culture” will lead to a one-party government where the opposition never has a chance to be elected and would signal the end of democracy in the United States. 

Jeffrey Benny


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